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-Check with Wayne Hunthausen regarding budget for the meeting

-Provide info to Wayne Hunthausen for website

   (You can refer to this website for examples from previous symposia)

-Name, address, phone, website for hotel

-Deadline for hotel reservations and discount

-Airport info

-Directions from airport to hotel

-Shuttle bus, taxi info - phone, website
-Area information, websites

-Estimate of costs to W Hunthausen

-Tables in room: U-shaped arrangement with screen at open end of 'U'

-Save your receipts for reimbursement from W Hunthausen 

Hotel considerations

-Reserve at least 25 rooms

-What is the group rate and deadline to register to keep rate

-Get all rates in writing

-Proximity to airport

-Proximity to restaurants.  Need to be within walking distance.

-Shuttle service (airport and restaurants)

-Fee for meeting room  (Look for hotel that will provide room at no additional cost is we reserve 25 rooms)

-Cost of food

-May want to ask if we can bring our own food

-Some provide free continental breakfast, but usually don't have in hotel restaurant which can be a disadvantage if no restaurant is adjacent.

-Check to see if food is available at the hotel in the evening or is there a nearby restaurant for late arrivals



    -LCD projector  (Often an attendee will be able to bring one)

    -Projector screen

-Find out cost from hotel

-Ask if we can we bring our own (some won't allow)

-Check with Wayne Hunthausen for special equipment, such as audio



- W Hunthausen will notify host(s) regarding special dietary requirements.

-Ask hotel if you plan to bring food from outside - some won't allow you to do this.

-Water available all day in room


-Fruit, bagels, sweet rolls

-Coffee, tea, juice

AM break

-Coffee, juice, water

Lunch    (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

PM Break

-Coffee, tea, soda, water

-Fruit, cookies or other sweets


-Consider cocktail hour after meeting/before dinner

-Reservations for Fri and Sat

-A meal in a private room where people can move around and mingle is a good idea for one night. 

  (The boat dinners in Austin were nice because they allowed people circulate and visit)

-Consider fixed price meals for ease of paying, if not too expensive

-Transportation to restaurants

       -Check to see if hotel has shuttle




-Initiate group introductions on first day and give guidelines for presentations.

-Guide discussion/Q & A sessions as needed

-Give speakers a 5 minute signal

-Clock for speaker

-Announce end of allotted time and bring speaker to a close

-If possible, begin setting up a/v for next speaker toward end of previous discussion period (e.g. insert flash drive, switch computers, hook up VCR, etc.)




-Review previous meeting schedules for format.

-Review the abstracts as soon as possible to determine which are acceptable. 

-Send out acceptance email as soon as you determine abstracts are accepted so attendees can make reservations.
-If you have a problem with an abstract, contact the attendee(s) and request changes or a new submission. Or

disinvite the attendee(s) if nothing acceptable has been submitted.

-Please refer to meeting page to obtain deadline date for notifying attendees of acceptance/rejection.

-Review abstracts and set program.  Review previous year schedules for guidance.

-May need to schedule presentation time for sponsors (if there are any) during lunch on Friday/Saturday

-Provide time for introductions (15 minutes at beginning of first day)

-Flex time:  Provide 30 min of open time at end of each half day to catch up.  If not used to catch up, time will be spent on open discussion during which anyone can share info or ask for input on a special interest.

-Breaks: 15-20 min in middle of morning and afternoon

-Group similar topics together

-Schedule one hour during lunch on Sunday sessions to discuss next year's meeting

-Send schedule and abstracts to Wayne to post on the web site

-All presentation material must be digital.  No VHS, beta, film (whatever that is), etc.

-Sessions begin at 9:00 each morning, except we start at 8:30 am on the first day so attendees can introduce themselves.

-Finish at 5 to 5:50 on Fri and Sat

-Sunday: presentations stop around (to be determined) pm, followed by lunch [during which business meeting will be held for 1 to 1.5 hours]

-Panels: For most, consider 3 person limit.  Allow time for discussion.

Suggestions from previous attendees

-More discussion time, less presentation time

-Encourage more doubling-up of speakers and then have 30 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes for discussion for each talk? That way we won't constantly feel frustrated that we haven't been able to thoroughly address a specific topic through discussion and we won't take away from the speakers' presentation. During the past 2 Forums, I felt we rarely had the time to hash out the more interesting sessions. And, I believe, that's where we come up with the new and creative ideas. Pam - Mar 2002

- Another idea to consider is that the early IFAAB's depended less on "presentations" and more on panels. One of the early elements of IFAAB was to avoid being another conference with only talks (with pressure on time and preparation) and more open ended discussion with different people taking the role of moderator.