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Interdisciplinary Forum for Applied Animal Behavior
Annual Meeting

Tampa, Florida

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Page Updated:    March 17, 2002

We have a boat reserved for dinner on FRIDAY night.    The name of the company is StarShip Dining Yacht. Website is www.starshipdining.com. Boarding time is 7:30pm, sail at 8pm return at 10:30pm.  We leave from the Starship Dock which is 601 S. Harbour Island Boulevard, about a 15 minute drive from the resort we are at.  They have a great looking sample menu - usually have a chicken, beef, veggie choices.  We have arranged transportation from the resort at no extra cost for the IFAAB attendees.
Vans will leave at 7 pm.  

The dinner cruise is $60/person which includes a $5 gratuity.  IFAAB will pay at least $30 per person, and possibly more depending on our total meeting expenses. 

Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend ($60 for dinner and $10 to use our shuttle service) but we have to know by Monday morning. 

If you do not email Suzanne by Monday morning to cancel, we will sign you up for the cruise.  Please contact Suzanne Hetts [shetts@aol.com] ASAP only if you will NOT be going on the cruise, OR if you'll be bringing an additional person.

Dates:  March 1-3, 2002   -   Friday-Sunday
Registration Deadline:  

October 13, 2001 
Please contact Dr. Hunthausen for late registration.


Sailport Logo

2506 Rocky Point Dr.
 Tampa, FL 33607


USA 800-255-9599
Canada 800-321-9599
Local 813-281-9599
Fax 813-281-9510

  • Two-BR suites ($129.00) and one-BR suites ($85.00) are available (Good for as long as you want to stay).

  • Deadline for room reservations is January 28, 2002 to guarantee availability and rate.

For more information:



Site Host:   Dr. John Wright    -     Dr. Soraya Juarbe  

Travel information:


  • Tampa International Airport (TIA) is a 5 minute drive from the resort.  

  • Please plan to travel by taxi to get to the resort.  We're working on a shuttle.

  • Driving directions: When exiting TIA, take the 1st exit right to Clearwater/Hwy 60W, merge to the far left lane.   After 3 traffic lights, turn left to Rocky Point Drive. 

Area information:

   Go to http://www.citysearch.com/ and click on Tampa Bay


  • The registration fee covers lunches and organizing expenses.

  • Mail your registration form and a check payable to IFAAB for $50.00 (US funds) to Wayne Hunthausen.

  • One to three abstracts must be submitted in the body of an email (see below) to Wayne Hunthausen by October 13, 2001.   

  • Registrations will not be accepted without an emailed abstract.  

  • Registration confirmation will be emailed.  
    Dr. Wayne Hunthausen
    4820 Rainbow Blvd
    Westwood, KS 66205    913.362.2512  

Cancellation and refunds Full refund if cancellation is received by January 28, 2002.  None after this date.
  • Abstracts should be 75-300 words, have a title, be concise and in a form ready to be posted on the IFAAB website. 
  • They need not be detailed, but should contain enough information so that other attendees will have a general idea of the information that will be presented. 
  • They must be sent in the body of an email, not as an attachment. 
  • Be sure to send a/v requirements and estimated time of presentation with your abstract
  • The program committee will evaluate all submissions and notify the participants by email once they are accepted. 
  • Each attendee is expected to give a presentation on a topic, lead a discussion, or participate on a panel.
Guidelines For Presentations

The topics must be related to the field of applied animal behavior, and relevant to behavior consultants.  
Length of presentation may be from 20 to 50 minutes

 Suggested presentations formats:

  • Practical applications 

  • Interesting case histories for discussion (videos encouraged) 

  • Panel discussion leader (2 to 3 panel participants give a short introduction to topic and then guide discussion by the group)

  • Research presentations

  • Animal learning or ethological theory as they relate to the diagnosis or treatment of behavior problems

Be sure to send a/v requirements  and estimated time of presentation with your registration.

Suggested Presentation Topics for Meeting:

Although these topics have been suggested by the previous year's Forum attendees, you may submit other topics you think would be of particular interest to the group:

  • Fearful behavior, phobias, fear aggression

  • Comparative communication systems

  • Systematic approach to different treatment techniques 
                –video analysis of treatment techniques

  • Business ideas – marketing, liability issues

  • Videos of separation anxiety

  • What we do on first contact by phone – what do you say, what do you make sure you say (A good topic for a panel - Whoever presents on this topic might contact folks ahead of time and gather data about commonalties that could be part of the presentation)

  • More on cats and horses

Summary Of The Activities And Tentative Time-Frame For The 2002 MEETING 

  • June 1 - Site determined
  • June15 - Site info forwarded to John Wright for registration brochure
  • July 1 - Brochures proofed and returned to John for printing
  • August 1 - Registration brochures mailed
  • Oct 13 - Registration deadline
  • Oct 14- 22 - Abstracts sent by email to the program committee.
  • Dec - Program committee begins to evaluate abstracts.
  • Dec - Applicants notified by email that their applications are complete.
  • Dec - Committee begins to design a tentative program. The committee communicates with applicants for which there are questions to work out acceptable abstracts.
  • Jan  - Program committee finalizes program
  • Jan - Final approval of program.
  • Jan - Applicants notified that their abstracts (and which ones) have been accepted.
  • Jan - Program committee sends proposed program to local host with a list of equipment requirements (slide projectors, video, overhead).
  • Jan - Program schedule posted on website
  • Jan 28 - Deadline for cancellation and full registration refund
  • Jan 28 - Deadline for hotel reservations