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Interdisciplinary Forum for Applied Animal Behavior
Annual Meeting - 2010

The Forum will be limited to the first 25 people who submit an approved abstract. This meeting is for people who are experienced in the field, not for those wanting assistance entering the field. Everyone who attends must present.  Space is available only for presenters, so we regret we cannot accommodate visitors and onlookers

Guidelines for site host, program
committee & moderator

Program Schedule





Saturday, July 24th through Monday, July 26th (Poster Day)


College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA (http://www.wm.edu)

  IFAAB joins ABS for the 2010 meeting in Williamsburg Virginia.  This year the IFAAB will hold its customary meeting on Saturday (7/24) and Sunday (7/25).  Sunday evening IFAAB will join ABS at the ABS reception and then share with ABS an Applied Poster Day on Monday, 7/26 (organized by John Wright).  The discounted registration fee allows one the option to fully attend both conferences.   The ABS conference ends Thursday 7/29/10
AAB Poster Session Info

The info about the AAB poster session is now on the main ABS conference website. Looks like there are 31 in the Applied Animal Behavior Session. http://animalbehaviorsociety.org/absmeetings/47th-animal-behavior-meeting
Presenters are to put up their poster Monday morning 7/26 and (if they’re still in town) stand by their poster from 7pm – 9pm. Posters must be removed by 9:30pm Tuesday, 7/27. Refreshments will be served.  Find YOUR poster number by clicking on the pdf link: “ABS 2010:Poster Sessions” on the ABS website above.

Meeting room location

 Colony Room of the Sadler Center
Campus Map

Public Day

Friday, July 23rd 
Behavior symposium for the public presented by IFAAB
Optional.  Organized by Dan Estep

Tentatively scheduled to be held at Millington 150 auditorium
For more info contact Dan@animalbehaviorassociates.com

Travel information

Williamsburg is an easy drive from many of the big East coast cities, and from the Carolinas. We have three nearby airports: Newport News/Williamsburg (PHF, 20 minutes away); Richmond International (RIC, 45 minutes away); and Norfolk International (ORF, 60 minutes away). Each of which have ride share services and taxis to Williamsburg. For people who drive to Williamsburg, there will be options to purchase on-campus parking passes through the registration website. The Williamsburg Hospitality House offers free parking to hotel guests.

Info on getting from the airport to the site will be posted later

Registration When registering for the IFAAB/ABS conferences please mail your $25.00 check to IFAAB along with your IFAAB registration.  IFAAB registration form

You will also need to fill out the online registration for ABS, and send them (credit card or check) $180 for full ABS registration by May 14th. 

ABS Registration Site: http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=175c2d39-4d68-40ea-aec9-7d6820831537

Parking & Parking Passes

Any guests parked on campus should display a guest parking pass. Parking passes will be emailed to attendees just prior to the meeting so that it is available to display upon arrival.


Friday (7/23) evening, 5pm-7:30pm Crim Dell, William and Mary Campus


Wireless Login Access for Personal Machines / Conference Attendees
As a guest to the campus, you will need to authenticate your machines using the WM network login page, http://connect.wm.edu.  For wireless access, select the "I am a conference attendee" option.  Next, enter your individual name and the access code for the conference account (ifaab10). Check the "acceptable use policy" box, and then choose "proceed with login".  This will direct you to the "welcome" screen.

Housing  Info


Cabell Apartments
A block of 6-beds in double occupancy rooms @ $32 a person per night, and 14-beds in single occupancy rooms @ $47 per night is currently reserved for our group.
Early arrival check-in 7/22/10 from 2pm-7pm @ Conference Services Office.
Regular Check-in 7/23 from 2pm-7pm @ Conference Services Office.
Regular Check-out 7/27 from 8am-12pm @ Conference Services Office.
Early Check-out TBA-indicate your length of stay.

Optional hotel rooms are available at the Williamsburg Hospitality House (www.williamsburghosphouse.com)


Regarding check-in and check-out, most likely everyone will check-in and out at the school's main office.  Below are directions: 

  • From I-64, take Exit 238 (Camp Peary).  From the south or east, go to the stop sign at the end of the ramp and turn left onto Route 143 east.  From the north or west, merge right at the end of the exit ramp onto Route 143 east.
  • Proceed to the second light and turn right onto 132 South.
  • At the next light, turn right onto Bypass Road (Route 60).  Proceed on Bypass Road, go over the overpass and stay in the left lane.  At the bottom of the overpass, turn left onto Richmond Road.
  • At the third set of lights, you will see the Walter F. Zable Stadium on the right. Turn right at the light onto Stadium Drive. Parking is permitted in the Resident/Day student parking spaces in this Stadium Lot. Please be sure to display your parking pass.
  • The Sadler Center is at the end of the parking lot and just past the stadium. Located on the main floor of the Sadler Center is the Conference Services Information Desk, and this is where you can check-in and check-out.

  I believe the GPS address for the Sadler Center is 100 Stadium Drive, Williamsburg, Virginia  23185.

If you plan on staying at W&M after the July 27th checkout date for IFAAB (to attend the rest of ABS) you’ll need to make additional housing arrangements at W&M. 

Click her for 2010 housing registration form

The cut-off date for making reservations is  Friday, June 18th, 2010


Site Host

John Wright        Wright_JC@Mercer.edu

Meal information

As usual, there will be snacks at breaks during the conference. There will also be options to purchase on campus meal plans, and the conference center has a full cafeteria. There are also dozens of restaurant choices within easy walking distance of campus, ranging from cheap sandwich joints and bars to high end dining in Colonial Williamsburg.

  • The registration fee covers lunches and organizing expenses for IFAAB and ABS.

  • Mail your registration form and a check payable to IFAAB for $25.00 to Wayne Hunthausen.

  • One to three abstracts must be submitted in the body of an email (see below) to Wayne Hunthausen by April 16th, 2010.   Please do not send as an attachment.

Registrations will not be accepted without an emailed abstract.   


Wayne Hunthausen
4820 Rainbow Blvd
Westwood, KS 66205    913.362.2512 



April 16th, 2010
Please contact Wayne Hunthausen for late registration

Cancellation and refunds

·        If you know you will need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible so someone waiting on the list can be contacted.    Contact Wayne Hunthausen

Full refund if cancellation is received by June 22nd, 2010None after that date.

ABS Film Festival

As Chair of the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) Film Festival, I am pleased to announce the 2010 Animal Behavior Film Festival.  The festival will be held July 26 – 27 during the 47th Annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society at The College of William and Mary.

The Animal Behavior Society Film Festival was organized in 1983 to honor the outstanding amateur (non-commercial) and professional (commercial) films produced in the preceding five years that portray important concepts in animal behavior research and education.

To submit your film, please go to:   http://animalbehaviorsociety.org/absfilm



Jill A. Villarreal, Ph.D.

Animal Behavior Scientist

Nestle Purina, Product Technology Center

3916 Pettis Road

St. Joseph, MO 64503


Length of presentation may be from 20 to 50 minutes
Allow 20-60% of your time for group discussion.  Present enough information to trigger a stimulating discussion.

 Suggested presentations formats:

·       Practical applications

·       Interesting case histories for discussion (videos encouraged)   Case report guidelines

·       Panel discussion:  2 to 3 panel participants give a short introduction to topic and then open the discussion to the group

·       Research presentations 

Be sure to send a/v requirements and estimated time of presentation with your registration.

If possible, please bring a backup of your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive,

  • To attend, the submitted abstract/topic must be accepted by the program committee.  Acceptance of abstracts will be competitive and dependent on content.  The program committees will determine whether to accept, accept with minor revisions or reject an abstract that is submitted.

  • The program committee will evaluate all submissions and notify the participants by email once they are accepted.

  • Each attendee must either give a presentation on a topic, lead a discussion, or participate on a panel.

  • The topics must be related to the field of applied animal behavior, and relevant to behavior consultants.  

  • Abstracts should be 75-300 words, have a title, be concise and in a form ready to be posted on the IFAAB website. 

  • They need not be detailed, but should contain enough information so that other attendees will have a general idea of the information that will be presented. 

  • They must be sent in the body of an email, not as an attachment. 

  • Be sure to send a/v requirements and estimated time of presentation with your abstract

Poster abstract submission

The combined IFAAB/ABS Applied poster session will meet on Monday, July 26th.   Submit your poster abstract to ABS If you would like to have your IFAAB/ABS poster abstract appear in the ABS Program (in other words, you’ll get credit for an ABS presentation rather than an IFAAB presentation – you may not double dip.   If you choose this option, we will publish your poster title only (no abstract) on the IFAAB website.

Tips for preparing an effective poster

A/V equipment available


·       LCD projector 

·       Flip chart and  markers

·       Please note that videos must be digital (CD, DVD, Flash drive, or on your computer).  VHS projectors will not be available.

·       To save time between presentations, we request that your PPoint presentation be on a flash drive.

If you need anything else be sure to contact the site host

Suggested Presentation Topics for Meeting

Topics suggested from 2009 participants for 2010

·       General: More practical information to share, more panels, more case studies.

·       New gadgets-lunch show and tell

·       Business topics- insurance, marketing, strategies for obtaining referrals, turning phone calls into appointments

·       Networking with trainers

·       Owner interpretation vs. consultant interpretation of problems, goals

·       Ethics

·       Avian and other species topics

·       Resources for staying current in the field

Topics suggested from previous years:

·       Observing owners, human-animal bond – how do we address, increase healthy human-pet relationship

·       Prevention, wellness

·       Animal learning or ethological theory as they relate to the diagnosis or treatment of behavior problems

·       How to deal with/assess people

·       Behavioral pharmacology

·       Cat topics

·       Cat social hierarchies

·       Cat training – clicker training for shy cats

·       Psychogenic alopecia

·       Making the transition from academia to small business owners

·       Horse behavior

·       Medical causes of behavior problems

·       Facilitating behaviorist/veterinary/breeder/shelter relationships  

·       Preventive behavior care – such as socialization programs, and more

·       Community education

·       1/2 day of case studies - primarily unusual, difficult, new techniques, NOT run of the mill stuff

·       Learning theory

·       Social psychologist  to discuss attraction theory

·       New and interesting treatment procedures

·       Unhealthy pet-person relationships

·       Fearful behavior, phobias, fear aggression

·       Comparative communication systems

·       Systematic approach to different treatment techniques

What we do on first contact by phone – what do you say, what do you make sure you say (A good topic for a panel - Whoever presents on this topic might contact folks ahead of time and gather data about commonalties that could be part of the presentation)

























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